Gifts for Chemo Patients (Male & Female)

Gifts for Chemo Patients (Male & Female)

Chemotherapy is a common treatment for most cancer patients.

While the outcome of chemo is positive for most patients, the process itself is long, difficult, and at times lonely.  The doctor’s appointments, travel, and side effects can make the entire process very challenging.  As a friend or loved one of the patient, you wonder what you can do or give that might ease the situation and make the process more comfortable.  Here are some ideas when buying a gift for a chemo patient.  There are ideas for him and for her.

Gift Ideas for Him

For the male cancer patient, here are some gift ideas to make the entire journey a little easier to go thru.  Staying hydrated and healthy during the chemo process is important to sustain the body.  Staying connected, especially during long car trips and chemo sessions is also important for the patient’s well-being.

Gift Ideas for Her

For the ladies, here are some ideas to help make the chemo journey more livable.  Some chemo side-effects include dry skin, and loss of hair.  A good book can help pass the time on the way to appointments and in the many waiting rooms patients spend time in.

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