Gifts for Cancer Survivors (Male & Female)

Gifts for Cancer Survivors (Male & Female)

Beating cancer is the best feeling in the world for cancer survivors.

Many times it can be just as satisfying to the friends and family of cancer survivors. To celebrate beating cancer, getting a gift for your loved one is on your mind, and sometimes it can be difficult to think about the perfect gift to give. 

Many people will be getting cards and balloons for him or her which can be nice gifts for cancer survivors, but you want to give them something special.

There are also gifts specifically for him and specifically for her, and you want to get them just the right gift. Here is a list of gifts for cancer survivors both for him and for her that will make them feel extra special. While the outcome of chemo is positive for most patients, the process itself is long, difficult, and at times lonely.  The doctor’s appointments, travel, and side effects can make the entire process very challenging.  As a friend or loved one of the patient, you wonder what you can do or give that might ease the situation and make the process more comfortable.  Here are some ideas when buying a gift for a chemo patient.  There are ideas for him and for her.

Gift Ideas for Him

For the male cancer survivor, here are some gifts that will help celebrate this wonderful result.

Cancer Survivor Superhero Shirt

 Show your friend or loved one that to you, they are a true superhero with this 100% cotton T-shirt you can get in a variety of colors. The shirt design is in the style of Superman and includes positive cancer survivor words including, “Fighter, brave, strong, never gives up, hopeful, been there beat that,” among others. Your friend or family member will feel proud while wearing this shirt.

BUCK Cancer Survivor Coffee Mug

For the cancer survivor who both has a sense of humor and also enjoys a hot cup of coffee or tea, this is the perfect gift for him. You can get this mug in 11oz or 15oz, the design is printed on both sides of the mug for viewing from all angles, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe, and your friend will be proud to sip from this cup for years to come.

STRAIGHT OUTTA CHEMO Funny Cancer Survivor T-Shirt

If your cancer-surviving friend has a sense of humor or enjoys the “Straight Outta Compton” movie or song, you can expect them to wear this shirt a lot and be proud to sport it. Choose from a variety of colors for this vintage looking shirt, and give him a gift he will remember.

The Definitive Guide to Thriving After Cancer Book

Sometimes talking about alternative medicine and healing can be difficult during the cancer process for many reasons. However, once the cancer is in remission, it is very important for the patient to do what they can to help avoid the recurrence of cancer, and this book includes a five-step integrative plan that they can follow to become healthier and reduce the risk of recurrence. The tips in this book can be not just a lifesaver, but a life extender to the cancer survivor.

F*ck Cancer, A Swear Word Adult Coloring Book

This book is great for cancer patients and even better for cancer survivors. Once he has survived cancer, it becomes even more gratifying and satisfying to color these pages while having the “can do” attitude after surviving.

Gift Ideas for Her

For the ladies, here are some gift ideas to help them celebrate this terrific news of being cancer free!

LParkin Encouragement Bracelet For The Warrior

To show the woman she is a true warrior, this is the perfect gift that she will love to wear. The quote reads, “Fate whispers to the warrior ‘you cannot withstand the storm’ and the warrior whispers back ‘I am the storm’.” One of the best gifts for her that any cancer surviving woman will love.

Customizable Picture Frame Gift

Show her you really care by getting a personalized fully customizable picture frame wood laser engraved with her name. The quote on the frame reads, “It came, we fought, I won,” and also includes the words ‘hope’ and ‘survivor.’ This can be a great gift, especially if you have a picture of you and the survivor you can include to always remind her of your precious memory together. 

Humorous Breast Cancer Survivor Shirt

For the woman with a great sense of humor, this shirt will be worn a lot by this survivor. The shirt design reads, “Heck yes they’re FAKE, the real ones tried to KILL me!” and gives you the choice of a few colors. Put a smile on people’s faces and make your friend laugh with this breast cancer survivor T-shirt. 

Pretty Sick: The Beauty Guide For Women With Cancer Book

For the girls who like to look their best even while having and beating cancer, this book is more than just a beauty guide. Author Caitlin M. Kiernan gives some really amazing tips to the woman who likes to look great during and after cancer. A really inspiring and positive book for her.

It Came We Fought I Won Stainless Steel Necklace

Give a gift that your friend or loved one will feel proud wearing every single day. The quote on the necklace reads, “It came. We fought. I Won.” No matter what type of cancer the survivor beat, this is an inspiring piece of jewelry for her with a message that she can be proud to wear. 

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