Gifts for Beating Cancer

Your friend or loved one is a fighter, and they are ready to beat cancer. 

You want to give them more than just a card or balloon or bouquet of flowers. You’re also not giving a gift to celebrate their cancer, but don’t want it to be a gift to say you’re sorry about them having cancer, either. There are some great gifts that any friend or loved one can give to a cancer patient that will show them that you really care about them and their fight. Here is a helpful list of gifts to help them beat cancer.

Gifts for beating cancer

Invigorated Water Filter Pitcher - This is not your normal water pitcher. It’s stainless steel and has a pH-increasing water filter that improves the taste and smell of the water, and better yet it adds beneficial minerals to the water as well. On top of that, it will completely eliminate heavy metals like copper, lead, mercury, and arsenic, and greatly reduce fluoride, chlorine, and chloramine from the water. This is a great gift that is extremely beneficial to the cancer patient, and it comes with a “Long Life Filter” that will provide 1,700 cups before needing to replace!

doTERRA Frankincense Touch Oil - This roll-on applicator of frankincense oil is a gift that tells the cancer patient you want them to feel relaxed. When applied to the skin, it promotes the feeling of relaxation and soothes and rejuvenates the skin. Frankincense is also an amazing oil that has been used in treatments for all types of cancers, so giving this gift is a huge benefit to your loved one.

The Winning and Preventing Cancer Diet Book - This book gives the cancer patient a long list of delicious and healthy recipes from around the world that can be used for cancer recovery and are also enjoyable by the whole family. It can be difficult to come up with meals for the cancer patient, even by the patient’s family, so this gift will take a lot of strain off of the cancer patient as well as their loved ones who prepare their meals.

How To Starve Cancer - Here’s another great book to gift to your friend or family member who has cancer. Author Jane McLelland made remarkable medical discoveries during her battle with cancer, and she lays it all out on the table in her book, including drugs and supplements that helped starve her cancer, as well as answers to some of our most critical cancer questions. For the cancer patient who is interested in alternative natural treatments, this book is a gold mine.

Alkaline Herbal Medicine Book - Another book that goes into detail about using natural medicine to reverse disease and heal the body. There continues to be many herbs that doctors and health professionals have used for hundreds of years that are used even today to treat many illnesses and reverse diseases in the body such as cancer. If you know a cancer patient who’s looking for alternatives, this could be the best gift they ever receive.

Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier - If you don’t know already, one of the most important tasks for the cancer patient as well as the family and caregivers is to make sure the cancer patient doesn’t become sick. During each stage of cancer, the immune system is greatly weakened, and even a common cold could send them straight to the emergency room. This air purifier captures allergens, odors, smoke, mold, dust, germs and pet stenches, so give the gift of healthy air to your friend or loved one today.

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit - For the cancer patient who is trying to beat cancer with food and  loves gardening, this is the best gift you could give. With this herb garden starter kit, the patient can stay indoors while creating a garden of basil, thyme, parsley, and cilantro. Give your friend a hobby as well as some health beneficial herbs to include in their meals.

Organic Apricot Kernels - Apricot kernels are extremely nutritious and contain many nutrients including the most important, vitamin B17. This vitamin has been used as an alternative cancer treatment, and while you don’t need to expect that this will be the only thing used to cure your friend’s cancer, all it can do is help.

Premium Hemp Oil Drops - Hemp oil delivers extreme wellness benefits like calming anxiety and stress, providing healthy nights of sleep, soothing pain and reducing inflammation. This brand of hemp oil is the highest therapeutic grade of hemp oil on the market, and with zero chance of side-effects and a natural mint flavor, your cancer patient is sure to absolutely love you for giving them this gift.

Kiva Raw Manuka Honey - Harvested from New Zealand, this pure quality manuka honey is helpful in all sorts of situations, including reducing sickness from cold and flu, supporting digestive health, soothing sore throats, and boosting energy. This gift will help immensely for your cancer patient, especially when they feel the raw throat feeling, have low energy, or need help digesting their food easier. This is an extremely thoughtful and beneficial gift for any cancer patient.

Natural Boar Bristle Dry Body Brush Set -  Besides revealing glowing skin and getting rid of dry skin, a very important attribute to these brushes for the cancer patient is the lymphatic flow activation properties. When the lymphatic flow is improved, so is the immune system, and with how delicate the immune system can become in a person who has cancer, this is another completely beneficial gift for your friend or loved one. ​​​​

Don’t be the person who gives your friend or loved one who has cancer a simple card or balloon. Give them one of these truly beneficial gifts, and they will always remember how much you thought and cared about them.

About the Author

When my best friend was diagnosed with Cancer, I wanted to give her a care package to let her know I was thinking of her. I was just guessing at what to include and I learned a lot about what can be both useful and meaningful to someone walking their cancer journey. My own frustration led me to start Help Them Fight to create a resource for others going through the same situation.