How To Put Together A Gift Box For A Breast Cancer Patient 2021

Breast cancer has affected and changed the lives of millions of women and even men all over the world.

Yes, men can get breast cancer too. In the United States, 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. If you happen to know one, being there and showing your love and concern is a great way to help her get through this.

One perfect example to show your support is by giving her a special gift. What could be more precious than presenting thoughtful things, such as a gift box for a breast cancer patient that she will require during her journey, right?

But what exactly should you give to a cancer patient? In this guide, we’ll give you some ideas on what items you can give to a breast cancer patient. We will also tell you the items you should avoid giving.

What to Include in a Gift Box for a Breast Cancer Patient?

When putting together a gift box for someone who is diagnosed with breast cancer, your main objective should be to provide comfort and encouragement. Here are the items that can help you do that:

Inspirational bracelet

Having something she could wear and remind her every day of her strength can be a great addition to your gift box. In particular, MEANT2TOBE’s breast cancer bracelet not only looks beautiful but is also very inspiring. Engraved in one of its charms is the message: “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” Plus, it comes with a great keychain too.


According to, journaling can help people experience a great sense of emotional well-being and it can help in making people feel better physically. So, it’s a great idea to include a journal where she can write the events and emotions she is feeling or even her appointments.


If she is about to get chemotherapy, a blanket would be a good gift to give. Chanasya’s throw blanket, in particular, is perfect for this. It’ll make her more comfortable and with its message and wordings printed in front, it can provide some inspiration as well as upliftment.

Small handy pack tissues

Since chemo can make a patient’s nose drip, it’ll be nice of you to just take care of the little things she needs such as a small handy pack of tissues. For this, the Kleenex Ultra Soft and Strong Facial Tissues are great. It’s true to its name – soft and strong – and it comes with 10 individual packs. Or for a more visually appealing gift addition, you can check the 12-pack Kleenex Slim Pack Facial Tissue.

Fuzzy socks

Another item that can give her more comfort during chemotherapy is fuzzy or fluffy socks. You can try EBMORE’s fuzzy and thermal winter warm socks that are extremely great for cold weather and has 5 pairs in each pack. They are available in different colors and they’re pretty cute too. For a simpler design but equally comfortable pair, you can check out the Century Star Microfiber socks.


Take your gifts to another level by giving her a personalized tumbler that has her name on it. Avito offers these beautiful breast cancer awareness tumblers where you can choose which color you want and the name to be printed on it. It includes a lid and straw, and it has the words: hope, believe, and fight in front along with the symbol for breast cancer.

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Unscented cream

One of the side effects of chemo is having skin problems. This is why we recommend getting her a cream that is paraben-free or made especially for sensitive skin. It should also be unscented since her sense of smell is affected as well.

Lip balm

Having dry lips is another side effect of chemotherapy or radiation. You can help her with this by giving a special lip balm that can protect the skin while being gentle enough for someone with sensitive skin caused by treatment.

Puzzle book or coloring book

You can help keep her busy and distracted at home or during chemotherapy sessions with puzzles or coloring books. Just make sure to add the pens or pencils needed for the sort of book you are giving so she can just go straight at it. One book worth checking out is the 100 Amazing Patterns: An Adult Coloring Book because hey, that’s 100 pages she can color.


A button-up PJ will certainly come in handy after breast cancer surgery since it’s easier to put on and off when needed. If you’re planning to buy one, we recommend getting the satin pajama set from Tony and Candice. Not only does it feel soft and luxurious but since satin is also smooth, it helps a patient slide in and out of bed with ease.

What Not to Include in a Gift Box?

Food that she can’t eat

If a patient just recently had chemo, her immune system is weaker and may not be able to fight off bacteria that are present in some food. For instance, cheese, deli meats, and other dairy products may harbor listeria which can cause a serious infection to individuals with weakened immune systems.

While food may seem very tempting and delicious to you, this may not be the same for her. Most people do not realize that many patients have food that they are not allowed to eat. So it’s best to just avoid adding food altogether. Unless you have fully researched and spoken with experts about the right food you can prepare for a cancer patient.


Before you put in any sort of fragrance in your box, don’t. Chemotherapy can affect the sense of smell that even her favorite fragrance may smell like rotten eggs for her.

Cosmetics and wigs

Giving cosmetics and wigs may suggest that you see something unattractive, implying that she needs to change that. If you really want to give a wig, consider just giving her a gift certificate to a wig salon so she could pick her own hairstyle and color.

Anything about body image

Obviously, anything that raises the issue of weight should be avoided such as membership to the gym and, worst, a weighing scale.

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