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Gifts for Cancer Survivors (Male & Female)

Beating cancer is the best feeling in the world for cancer survivors.

Many times it can be just as satisfying to the friends and family of cancer survivors. To celebrate beating cancer, getting a gift for your loved one is on your mind, and sometimes it can be difficult to think about the perfect gift to give. 

Many people will be getting cards and balloons for him or her which can be nice gifts for cancer survivors, but you want to give them something special.

There are also gifts specifically for him and specifically for her, and you want to get them just the right gift. Here is a list of gifts for cancer survivors both for him and for her that will make them feel extra special.

Gift Ideas for Him

For the male cancer survivor, here are some gifts that will help celebrate this wonderful result.

Cancer Survivor Superhero Shirt - Show your friend or loved one that to you, they are a true superhero with this 100% cotton T-shirt you can get in a variety of colors. The shirt design is in the style of Superman and includes positive cancer survivor words including, “Fighter, brave, strong, never gives up, hopeful, been there beat that,” among others. Your friend or family member will feel proud while wearing this shirt.

BUCK Cancer Survivor Coffee Mug - For the cancer survivor who both has a sense of humor and also enjoys a hot cup of coffee or tea, this is the perfect gift for him. You can get this mug in 11oz or 15oz, the design is printed on both sides of the mug for viewing from all angles, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe, and your friend will be proud to sip from this cup for years to come.

STRAIGHT OUTTA CHEMO Funny Cancer Survivor T-Shirt - If your cancer-surviving friend has a sense of humor or enjoys the “Straight Outta Compton” movie or song, you can expect them to wear this shirt a lot and be proud to sport it. Choose from a variety of colors for this vintage looking shirt, and give him a gift he will remember.

The Definitive Guide to Thriving After Cancer Book - Sometimes talking about alternative medicine and healing can be difficult during the cancer process for many reasons. However, once the cancer is in remission, it is very important for the patient to do what they can to help avoid the recurrence of cancer, and this book includes a five-step integrative plan that they can follow to become healthier and reduce the risk of recurrence. The tips in this book can be not just a lifesaver, but a life extender to the cancer survivor.

F*ck Cancer, A Swear Word Adult Coloring Book - This book is great for cancer patients and even better for cancer survivors. Once he has survived cancer, it becomes even more gratifying and satisfying to color these pages while having the “can do” attitude after surviving.

Gift Ideas for Her

For the ladies, here are some gift ideas to help them celebrate this terrific news of being cancer free!

LParkin Encouragement Bracelet For The Warrior - To show the woman she is a true warrior, this is the perfect gift that she will love to wear. The quote reads, “Fate whispers to the warrior ‘you cannot withstand the storm’ and the warrior whispers back ‘I am the storm’.” One of the best gifts for her that any cancer surviving woman will love.

Customizable Picture Frame Gift - Show her you really care by getting a personalized fully customizable picture frame wood laser engraved with her name. The quote on the frame reads, “It came, we fought, I won,” and also includes the words ‘hope’ and ‘survivor.’ This can be a great gift, especially if you have a picture of you and the survivor you can include to always remind her of your precious memory together. 

Humorous Breast Cancer Survivor Shirt - For the woman with a great sense of humor, this shirt will be worn a lot by this survivor. The shirt design reads, “Heck yes they’re FAKE, the real ones tried to KILL me!” and gives you the choice of a few colors. Put a smile on people’s face and make your friend laugh with this breast cancer survivor T-shirt. 

Pretty Sick: The Beauty Guide For Women With Cancer Book - For the girls who like to look their best even while having and beating cancer, this book is more than just a beauty guide. Author Caitlin M. Kiernan gives some really amazing tips to the woman who likes to look great during and after cancer. A really inspiring and positive book for her. 

It Came We Fought I Won Stainless Steel Necklace - Give a gift that your friend or loved one will feel proud wearing every single day. The quote on the necklace reads, “It came. We fought. I Won.” No matter what type of cancer the survivor beat, this is an inspiring piece of jewelry for her with a message that she can be proud to wear. 

Gifts for chemo patients male and female

Gifts for Chemo Patients (Male & Female)

Chemotherapy is a common treatment for most cancer patients.

While the outcome of chemo is positive for most patients, the process itself is long, difficult, and at times lonely.  The doctors appointments, travel, and side-effects can make the entire process very challenging.  As a friend or loved one of the patient, you wonder what you can do or give that might ease the situation and make the process more comfortable.  Here are some ideas when buying a gift for a chemo patient.  There are ideas for him and for her.

Gift Ideas for Him

For the male cancer patient, here are some gift ideas to make the entire journey a little easier to go thru.  Staying hydrated and healthy during the chemo process is important to sustain the body.  Staying connected, especially during long car trips and chemo sessions is also important for the patient's well being.

Gift Ideas for Her

For the ladies, here are some ideas to help make the chemo journey more livable.  Some chemo side-effects include dry skin, and loss of hair.  A good book can help pass the time on the way to appointments and in the many waiting rooms patients spend time in.

Gifts for beating cancer

Gifts for Beating Cancer

Your friend or loved one is a fighter, and they are ready to beat cancer. 

You want to give them more than just a card or balloon or bouquet of flowers. You’re also not giving a gift to celebrate their cancer, but don’t want it to be a gift to say you’re sorry about them having cancer, either. There are some great gifts that any friend or loved one can give to a cancer patient that will show them that you really care about them and their fight. Here is a helpful list of gifts to help them beat cancer.

Gifts for beating cancer

Invigorated Water Filter Pitcher - This is not your normal water pitcher. It’s stainless steel and has a pH-increasing water filter that improves the taste and smell of the water, and better yet it adds beneficial minerals to the water as well. On top of that, it will completely eliminate heavy metals like copper, lead, mercury, and arsenic, and greatly reduce fluoride, chlorine, and chloramine from the water. This is a great gift that is extremely beneficial to the cancer patient, and it comes with a “Long Life Filter” that will provide 1,700 cups before needing to replace!

doTERRA Frankincense Touch Oil - This roll-on applicator of frankincense oil is a gift that tells the cancer patient you want them to feel relaxed. When applied to the skin, it promotes the feeling of relaxation and soothes and rejuvenates the skin. Frankincense is also an amazing oil that has been used in treatments for all types of cancers, so giving this gift is a huge benefit to your loved one.

The Winning and Preventing Cancer Diet Book - This book gives the cancer patient a long list of delicious and healthy recipes from around the world that can be used for cancer recovery and are also enjoyable by the whole family. It can be difficult to come up with meals for the cancer patient, even by the patient’s family, so this gift will take a lot of strain off of the cancer patient as well as their loved ones who prepare their meals.

How To Starve Cancer - Here’s another great book to gift to your friend or family member who has cancer. Author Jane McLelland made remarkable medical discoveries during her battle with cancer, and she lays it all out on the table in her book, including drugs and supplements that helped starve her cancer, as well as answers to some of our most critical cancer questions. For the cancer patient who is interested in alternative natural treatments, this book is a gold mine.

Alkaline Herbal Medicine Book - Another book that goes into detail about using natural medicine to reverse disease and heal the body. There continues to be many herbs that doctors and health professionals have used for hundreds of years that are used even today to treat many illnesses and reverse diseases in the body such as cancer. If you know a cancer patient who’s looking for alternatives, this could be the best gift they ever receive.

Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier - If you don’t know already, one of the most important tasks for the cancer patient as well as the family and caregivers is to make sure the cancer patient doesn’t become sick. During each stage of cancer, the immune system is greatly weakened, and even a common cold could send them straight to the emergency room. This air purifier captures allergens, odors, smoke, mold, dust, germs and pet stenches, so give the gift of healthy air to your friend or loved one today.

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit - For the cancer patient who is trying to beat cancer with food and  loves gardening, this is the best gift you could give. With this herb garden starter kit, the patient can stay indoors while creating a garden of basil, thyme, parsley, and cilantro. Give your friend a hobby as well as some health beneficial herbs to include in their meals.

Organic Apricot Kernels - Apricot kernels are extremely nutritious and contain many nutrients including the most important, vitamin B17. This vitamin has been used as an alternative cancer treatment, and while you don’t need to expect that this will be the only thing used to cure your friend’s cancer, all it can do is help.

Premium Hemp Oil Drops - Hemp oil delivers extreme wellness benefits like calming anxiety and stress, providing healthy nights of sleep, soothing pain and reducing inflammation. This brand of hemp oil is the highest therapeutic grade of hemp oil on the market, and with zero chance of side-effects and a natural mint flavor, your cancer patient is sure to absolutely love you for giving them this gift.

Kiva Raw Manuka Honey - Harvested from New Zealand, this pure quality manuka honey is helpful in all sorts of situations, including reducing sickness from cold and flu, supporting digestive health, soothing sore throats, and boosting energy. This gift will help immensely for your cancer patient, especially when they feel the raw throat feeling, have low energy, or need help digesting their food easier. This is an extremely thoughtful and beneficial gift for any cancer patient.

Natural Boar Bristle Dry Body Brush Set -  Besides revealing glowing skin and getting rid of dry skin, a very important attribute to these brushes for the cancer patient is the lymphatic flow activation properties. When the lymphatic flow is improved, so is the immune system, and with how delicate the immune system can become in a person who has cancer, this is another completely beneficial gift for your friend or loved one. ​​​​

Don’t be the person who gives your friend or loved one who has cancer a simple card or balloon. Give them one of these truly beneficial gifts, and they will always remember how much you thought and cared about them.

Reading a funny book to a cancer patient

Funny Books for Cancer Patients – 9 Books Sure To Get a Laugh

Have you ever heard the quote, “Laughter is the best medicine?”

This is true even in cancer patients, and studies have shown that laughter can not only relieve stress and anxiety but also boost the immune system of cancer patients. Just like any other person, cancer patients need laughter, many times even more than us.

However, sometimes our jokes and funny stories just don’t make the cut of making a cancer patient laugh. That’s okay because there are funny books for cancer patients that are sure to keep them cracking up. If you want to lighten the mood, consider reading and purchasing one of these funny books for cancer patients.

They will feel great, and you will always be remembered for your unique gift that lightened their mood and brightened their days.

Here are our best funny books for cancer patients recommendations

Dive right into a comic book memoir where Miriam Engelberg invites you into her life of thoughts and humor. Engelberg was 43 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and sheds light on her experiences through humor and comics in this book. Using cartooning to cope, you will witness her complete story from diagnosis to surgery and everything in between. This is a good read for cancer patients who enjoy a comic and a good laugh.

Honey Badger Coloring is at it again with a new swear word adult coloring book, this time specifically for cancer patients and survivors. With coloring books like “Mama Needs A Mother F*cking Nap” and “Eat A Bag Of D*cks,” they know a thing or two about adult needs. If you know someone who has or had cancer who also enjoys a little bit of coloring every now and then, this is the perfect gift to give them.

This heartfelt memoir by Nora McInerny Purmort tells the story of the life and love she shared with her husband Aaron. This heartfelt yet hilarious memoir will have you laughing one minute and crying the next. But most of all, this story of mortality and resilience makes a clear point on how to live life to the fullest, and how to “keep going when life kicks you in the junk.”

This comical collection of thoughts is not only humorous but uplifting in more ways you could imagine. And better yet, one hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to cancer research. Laughter really is the best medicine, and this book serves as the perfect reminder to stay strong and stay happy, even in the darkest of times.

The book has a whole lot of everything as Kris Carr gives you her advice and first-hand experience in having cancer. Read her story and view her pictures of her and her cancer posse as this actress, photographer, and now author tells you her personal stories, revelations and more. This book offers a wealth of knowledge and insight, and is a handy tool for every newly diagnosed woman.

A prime example of the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine,” this humorous book fully supports that theory. With stories by Steve Butterman and illustrations by Adam Frizzell, this collection of hilarious stories of cancer will have you feeling normal in a world where many can’t even say the dreaded “C” word. Cancer is a serious thing, and this book reminds us that it’s okay to smile and even laugh at the stories and jokes that this book contains.

For cancer patients and survivors who enjoy a good graphic novel, this is a great one. Marisa Acocella Marchetto tells the true story of her own experience with breast cancer, starting with the moment she found a lump in her breast. That didn’t stop her from telling her story through comical drawings and real-life stories that showed every step of the way from diagnosis to cure.

Whether you are newly diagnosed, barely survived, or a caregiver to either, this book by Janet Sheppard Kelleher is the perfect gift for your loved one. Read as Janet takes you through her direct cancer experiences in these 7 very humorous stories about breast cancer. This is an extremely optimistic book that gives new meaning to “Kicking Breast Cancer’s Butt!”

Meet Adam Blain, family man and lawyer. At 44 years old, his oncologist wife discovers and diagnoses him with brain cancer. But that doesn’t stop this man’s will and energy to have a good laugh and experience all humor has to offer through his journey. This story shows that even in the worst of times, you can keep on keeping on and seize every moment you have, because at any moment it just might be your last.

What to send someone with cancer

What to Send Someone with Cancer

 You just found out that a close friend or loved one has been diagnosed with Cancer

You are stunned by the news and want to send a gift to show your support. Unless you have had a close experience with the disease, it can be difficult to pick the right gift to send.  Surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation have a lot of side-effects and physical reactions that make it extra difficult to pick the right gift.  

Did you know that cancer patients often suffer nausea, or that sending flowers is a big no-no?  Also, no candies or sweets and no products with strong scents.  

Wondering what to send someeone with cancer?  Here are some ideas on what to add to your cart and send as a care package.  Don't forget to write a letter to go along with your package.

Amazon makes it easy to purchase an item or items, and have them shipped to a friend or loved one as a gift.  Click HERE for more instructions on how this works

Frankincense is an amazing oil that has anti-inflammatory properties and based on laboratory research may possess immune-stimulating and cancer-fighting properties.  Be sure to choose a therapeutic grade oil such as DoTerra. The DoTerra roll on is perfect as it comes ready to roll on and doesn’t require dilution.

Cancer prefers an acidic environment to grow in.  The more alkaline your body is the better! A great gift option for your loved one is an alkaline water pitcher.  I recently bought my family one and we find it is easy to use. Just fill the pitcher with tap water and store it in the refrigerator.  Not only will it encourage them to drink more water, but it will improve their body’s PH levels so that cancer struggles to thrive.

One of the most common side effects of chemotherapy is nausea.  While there is plenty of nausea medicine on the market to help relieve this symptom, there are also holistic, drug-free, methods for reducing nausea.  The relief band works fast by creating pulses that signal the median nerve to rebalance and reduces feelings of nausea.

After a diagnosis of cancer, your loved one will be looking to improve their diet, but may still have the duty of feeding their family.  Here you will find recipes for the whole family. You can give them peace of mind knowing they and their family are eating well while only preparing one meal for the whole family. 

Give the gift of entertainment.  Your loved one can read, watch movies, or research from their most comfortable spot.  This idea cares for keeping their minds busy while they get the rest needed to heal.

Music is therapeutic!  If your loved one doesn’t already have an Echo Dot this would be a gift for them.  With an Amazon music subscription, they can play any song they want to hear just by asking Alexa to play it.  "Alexa, play some smooth jazz”.

Hydration is so important during chemotherapy.  Gift your loved one this reminder to stay hydrated during this process.  There are so many different designs and inspirational sayings to choose from. Snag one that speaks to your fighter.

Surround them with comfort in a time of cold clinics, long treatments, and uncomfortable car rides with a very soft throw.  The softer the better! The UGG bliss sherpa throw is amazingly soft, warm, and is produced by the same makers of the high-quality UGG boots.

Cozy feet are a must have when battling any illness. Microfiber, fleece, aloe-infused, and sherpa are just a few of the wonderful types of cozy socks you will find.  For more support check out these Ugg slippers for everyday use.

Inspirational gifts for cancer patients

Inspirational Gifts for Cancer Patients

Inspirational gifts for cancer patients can provide much-needed hope and determination during treatment.

For cancer patients and survivors, days can be tough, full of hard choices, pain, and fear.  We want to ease that hardship and make them feel better.

Coffee in a cherished mug may remind a friend in treatment that small victories matter. For a loved one, wearing a special t-shirt may be a way to embrace each day with hope. The best gift, though, is that these items remind them of you.

In the fight against cancer, love and community are vital to making treatment more tolerable and finding motivation in each day.

Here is a compilation of products that will comfort your loved one, that celebrates victories large and small and that will remind them that you care and they are loved.

What I love about this necklace is that it celebrates the victory over cancer, by the color of the ribbon wrapped around the engraved message. The pendant is sturdy and heavy, just like the battle over the disease, and it recognizes that no war is won alone and without struggle. Give this to your proud survivor and you’ll see in their smile how they relate to this message.

What could be better than this motivational and attractive bottle to motivate healthy hydration?  This stainless steel bottle is safe to use with hot and cold drinks, and the Believe motif is a graphic reminder of hope.  Drinking fluids is challenging during treatment, and every little bit of motivation to keep well-hydrated helps.

  • Motivational Water Bottle Green; Great Inspirational Gifts for Men or Women; Best BPA Free Stainless Steel Water Bottle; 32 oz with Straw Lid; Motivational Gym Gifts; Fitness Gifts; Gym Water Bottle
    Motivational Water Bottle Green; Great Inspirational Gifts for Men or Women; Bes...
  • Sometimes what you need is a literal embrace of hope. This super soft throw has a Scripture inscription of Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.” In those moments when your loved one feels cold, the warmth of this blanket and its words will make things better. Faith is a powerful healer and the comfort of Scripture on the plush fleece may strengthen their faith and give them peace.

    WillowTree sculptures are crafted with deep love and an intention behind them. This one, written on a card enclosed with the beautiful figure, states ”May you find strength, beauty, and peace each day.”  Looking at this serene praying angel, cloaked in the Tree of Life, helps us find in each breath a moment of solace. Sometimes, that’s what we need to find the positive in our day.

    “Life is tough but I am tougher” is the mantra of the fighter in you. This cancer survivor bracelet also has a bangle of a ribbon and another of the word Hope.  The stainless steel it is constructed with is you, the tough warrior that endured and came on top. With this bracelet you are saying that you remember, you endured and won, and you are looking into the future. All in style!

    50 Days of hope inspirational journal was written by a person who understands what it is like to get a cancer diagnosis. She needed hope, and so do we. This journal offers true stories and inspiration for 50 days and allows us to document our hopes and fears, our questions, and our experience. Finding out you or a loved one has cancer is confusing, scary and debilitating. Detangling these emotions by writing them down, along with the faith expressed in this journal’s pages, aides us in making decisions and caring better for ourselves.

    This book is full of true stories, quotes, and scripture from the NIV that aim to break the stereotype of cancer as a do-it-all. Cancer cannot break the love you feel for each other. Cancer cannot destroy hope or faith. The book is uplifting, inspiring and a for a person struggling, it brings comfort and strength.

    Chemo is tough! Our body changes, we are tired and don’t feel like ourselves. This t-shirt with the quote “Fighting cancer, going through chemo, and still this sexy” is a funny way to celebrate that we are still ourselves. Take it to your next chemo session and you will not only feel better, but you will also make everyone around you chuckle.

    This blanket feels like a hug, full of warmth and softness. It has words of comfort and healing that can help both the sick and their caregivers. When you wrap yourself in this blanket, every part of it has words of hope and inspiration.  Getting this as a gift always brings a smile and a lasting feeling of being loved and cared for.

    This small wall plaque reminds us of the things necessary to get through any difficult time. It reads “Always remember you are braver than you think, stronger than you seem and loved more than you know.”  When my friend was struggling and her confidence was at an all-time low, these words by her bedside helped ground her. Getting through cancer takes inner strength and outward support, and this little box plaque is a quick reminder.

    Gift ideas for breast cancer patients

    Gift Ideas for Breast Cancer Patients

    Need help choosing a gift for someone with breast cancer?

    This handy list makes it easy. Are you looking for the latest medical information or guides for her health and wellness?  Choose books from this list that are written by cancer experts, doctors, and breast cancer survivors. Give her the best information with powerful books on cancer treatments.  Pick a book to help guide her through every step of her journey, written by patients who became survivors.  No matter what you choose, the gifts on this list are perfect for showing her how much you care.

    Gift ideas for breast cancer patients

    When you know a strong woman with breast cancer, Getting Things Off My Chest: A Survivor's Guide to Staying Fearless and Fabulous in the Face of Breast Cancer is the perfect gift.  Share expert advice on everything from how to talk with the doctors to how to stay strong and healthy. This book was written by a breast cancer survivor to support and encourage others.  The book is filled with tips, advice, and ideas that help women take charge during this difficult time. Funny and sweet, this detailed guide to managing illness will empower her every step of the way.

    Help boost her recovery with style by giving the Brobe Recovery Robe for Breast Cancer/Surgery Recovery.  This beautiful robe is made of strong, light-weight fabric for maximum comfort. With hidden pockets designed to hold surgical drains, this robe is functional and attractive.  The robe also has bra pockets for ice packs or prosthetics. The sleeves are designed for easy IV access, making this robe perfect for wearing before and after surgery. Make her recovery easier with this practical and good-looking gift.

    Make every car ride more comfortable with The Breast & Chest Buddy - Seatbelt Cushion.  This soft, flexible cushion protects tender areas after surgery. The easy to use cushion wraps around any style seatbelt and works in any car.  Choose the pink or grey color with a heart or the breast cancer ribbon design. Help her stay safe and comfortable anywhere she wants to go.

    Make every car ride more comfortable with The Breast & Chest Buddy - Seatbelt Cushion.  This soft, flexible cushion protects tender areas after surgery. The easy to use cushion wraps around any style seatbelt and works in any car.  Choose the pink or grey color with a heart or the breast cancer ribbon design. Help her stay safe and comfortable anywhere she wants to go.

    Give her the gifts of comfort and love with the UGG Bliss Sherpa Throw.  This oversized blanket is soft and warm, making it the perfect gift for home and hospital use.  Wrap her a special hug on good and bad days with this lovely blanket. Choose from a variety of colors for a personal and useful gift.  An instant favorite, she will treasure this blanket as a gift from the heart.

    Author and beauty editor Caitlin Kiernan didn't let cancer stop her from being her best.  In Pretty Sick: The Beauty Guide for Women with Cancer, she offers practical advice for staying healthy and beautiful.  In this book, she has gathered expert advice from doctors, hair stylists, and makeup artists. Their tips and tricks will help every woman with breast cancer look and feel great.   Show her how beautiful she is with this useful book.

    Warm her heart and feet with the UGG Women's Cozy Sparkle Socks Gift Set.  This is a gift that will brighten her day. These warm and stylish socks are the perfect colors for any season.  She will appreciate the quality of this machine washable, easy care gift. The set of three crew length socks are gift boxed and ready to give.

    Essential oils are the perfect gift for breast cancer patients.  This calming oil from doTERRA helps relieve stress and balance emotions.  doTERRA, a leader in essential oils, offers the Frankincense Touch, combining Frankincense with coconut oil to help soothe tired skin.  Frankincense is thought to be a cancer-fighting oil with many health benefits. This easy to use roll-on is convenient for pocket or purse.  

    Breast cancer patients will find it easy to drink plenty of water with the pH VITALITY Stainless Steel Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher by Invigorated Water.  The stylish, stainless steel pitcher is designed to look good in any room. The advanced filter removes heavy metals for better taste. The patented filter process adds healthy minerals and breaks down water molecules for better hydration.  Give the gift of healthy, clean water.

    The Breast Cancer Gift Set Including Cancer Treatment Notebook Planner and Journal is the perfect way to show support during her difficult journey.  Created by cancer survivors, the notebook includes nine different areas to keep track of everything related to cancer treatment. Organized sections include a calendar, places to record medications, procedures, and much more.   The journal gives her a special place to record her thoughts and feelings along the way. Give her this beautiful gift set to show your loving support.

    Give her The Breast Cancer Survival Manual book, the most trusted guide for breast cancer patients.  The latest edition was recently updated with the newest information on cancer care and treatments. This book covers gene testing, targeted therapies, and the most effective treatment plans available.  Author Dr. John Link describes the latest medical research to help women who are looking for accurate information. Perfect for the newly diagnosed breast cancer patient, this guide offers a strong message of hope.  

    This motivational water bottle from Fight Like a Girl brand is designed to encourage and support breast cancer patients every single day.  One side features handy reminders to drink water throughout the day. The other side carries the inspirational message "BRAVE because I've faced darkness, HUMBLE because I've felt despair, STRONG because I've had to be, GRATEFUL because I've known loss, HAPPY because I've learned what matters."  The hot pink lid and straw highlight the breast cancer awareness cause. This gift offers hope and strength.

    Gifts for cancer patients undergoing chemo

    Gifts for Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemo

    Are you having trouble finding the right gift idea for someone who is undergoing chemo?

    It can be difficult to know which gift is the perfect one to show that you care and there are plenty of choices out there.  However, not all of them are useful or helpful for a cancer patient.  This handy list helps you find the right gifts for cancer patients undergoing chemo.

    Choose from useful gifts that are made from safe, natural ingredients. You will find gifts on this list that promote healing and good health.  There are great gifts that provide safety and comfort when traveling to and from appointments. Gifts with a spiritual message uplift patients and show your support.

    Give gifts that help relax the body and spirit.  Soft, cozy gifts give soothing warmth and comfort. Many of these top quality products help repair and protect their skin with natural healing ingredients. This list includes gifts that promote health and help lessen the side effects of chemo.  Giving the perfect gift is easy when you choose from products that are designed for and used by cancer patients. All these gifts are favorites of chemotherapy patients because they help fill their unique needs.

    Gifts for cancer patients undergoing chemo

    Gifts to help relax during chemo treatments

    Help make the time spent in chemotherapy relaxing and positive.  These gifts offer comfort and support during long waits and treatments.  A pair of high-quality headphones helps patients shut out the hospital noises around them.  Good headphones help them to use the time to listen to music, movies, or audiobooks. Remind patients they are never alone with a gift that sends a positive, healing message.  A warm blanket with words of encouragement or a personal prayer reminder both make perfect gifts. Ease discomfort during treatment with all-natural therapy socks that soothe tired feet and relieve cramps.  These gifts remind patients that you care. Show them that you are with them every step of the way by giving these relaxing and inspirational gifts.

    Gifts to make travel easier

    Long car rides to and from chemotherapy treatments are a challenge for many patients.  Some side effects of chemo, like nausea and dehydration, may make the journey very difficult. The gift of a motion sickness wristband, clinically proven to stop nausea, helps make the ride more comfortable.  This useful gift relieves their suffering without drugs or chemicals.  A cushioned seat belt cover makes car rides more comfortable by adding padding that protects tender areas around chemo ports or surgery scars. Or help distract your loved one from the long trip with a tablet that can store and play movies, books, and games.  These gifts will be a thoughtful reminder of your support during every long car ride.

    Gifts for their skin

    Chemotherapy and radiation treatments are very hard on the body.  The side effects can leave skin dry, chapped, and cracked. Some treatments can even cause rashes and sores.  When you’re looking for gifts that give healing and comfort, choose from those that are designed especially for cancer patients.  Natural, organic products made from herbs and oils promote healing without harsh chemicals or drugs. These products soothe skin without causing damage to tender areas.  Always choose a lip balm, cream, or ointment without paraben, alcohol, and artificial perfumes. Look for quality brands that provide relief without dangerous additives.  Both men and women will appreciate natural gifts that soothe and protect their skin. You will provide comfort and healing with these practical gifts.

    Gifts to help stay warm

    Chemotherapy patients often complain of feeling cold.  Long hours of sitting still and exposed body parts during treatments add to the problem.  There’s no better gift than the gift of the warmth with a soft throw blanket and be sure to choose materials that can be easily washed without losing their beauty.

    Stylish headcovers help keep patients warm and hide hair loss.  Brighten their spirits by choosing from a variety of beautiful colors. There are attractive colors available for every personality. A specially designed shirt for chemo treatments allows for easy access to a medication port and IV’s without uncovering a large amount of skin, keeping patients warm and comfortable.  

    A long-sleeve shirt with stylish zippers provides warmth and privacy without making treatment access difficult. Give these gifts to show you care and make them feel warm and loved.

    Gifts to protect them from getting sicker

    Chemotherapy can weaken the body and create unexpected problems.  Treatments can cause skin issues like fine lines and dryness. Treatment can even affect oral health by making the gums very tender or by causing sores to develop in the mouth.  Gifts that provide healing for these difficult issues show your care and concern. Patients will genuinely appreciate your thoughtfulness and help. Give a toothbrush or mouthwash that is designed especially for cancer patients.  

    These products are recommended by dentists and oncologists. They are gentle but effective tools that promote health and healing. Frankincense is an essential oil that soothes dry skin and helps heal imperfections. Choose an easy to apply roll on as a useful and helpful gift.  These gifts offer practical benefits that show your support.

    Best Books for Cancer Patients – A gift guide

    The gift of a good book provides comfort, inspiration, and support. 

    The gift of a good book provides comfort, inspiration, and support to a cancer patient. How do you choose the perfect book when there are so many for sale? This list has books written by doctors and cancer patients alike. Their personal stories offer hope for everyone with cancer.

    Give a gift that provides useful information with a book that explains the latest facts about healing foods and drinks. Your loved one will find delicious recipes in the cookbooks. Many of these books give helpful information about alternative treatments. There are easy to read books that explain the science of how cancer cures work and make thoughtful gifts. Show you care by sending a message of love with each of these books.

    Give the gift of good nutrition. In Beating Cancer with Nutrition, author Dr. Quillin offers this simple guide. As the vice president of nutrition at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, he is an expert in food and health. This easy to follow book explains how to eat well with cancer and even includes recipes. Both doctors and cancer patients recommend this best selling book.

    How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease is the best book for cancer patients and anyone who wants to eat right and live a long life. This New York Times best-selling book is written by Dr. Michael Greger, who has devoted his life to showing how nutrition affects health. Give a gift that will educate and inspire. 

    Every woman wants to look and feel her best. Pretty Sick: The Beauty Guide for Women with Cancer is a complete resource for cancer patients. This gift offers the best advice for taking care of skin, hair, and nails during cancer treatment. Illustrated and full of style choices, this book covers every beauty issue from wig shopping to makeup.

    What Cancer Cannot Do: Stories of Courage is an uplifting book full of scripture, positive quotes, and heartfelt stories written by cancer survivors. Perfect for reading whenever courage is needed. This gift reminds patients that cancer cannot beat faith and love.

    Offer comfort each day with 50 Days of Hope. This book offers beautiful messages of support, written by others with cancer. The stories will inspire your loved one with daily encouragement. Share the hope of God's Word with this powerful gift.

    Having cancer means having questions. In Cancer Secrets, Dr. Jonathan Stegall, a successful oncologist, explains how to use every tool available to fight cancer. This easy to read book helps patients learn more about cancer and how to treat it, with both modern and alternative medicine. Offer hope with this gift that describes all the options available.

    The Winning and Preventing Cancer Diet is so much more than a cookbook! Information on cancer-fighting foods is combined with tasty, easy to make recipes that the whole family will enjoy. This book has flavors from around the world and includes Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan recipes. Perfect for anyone who wants to improve their nutrition to fight cancer.

    Do you want to share your love of tea with a cancer patient? Cancer Hates Tea is perfect for tea drinkers, and for those who want to use the power of tea as a proven cancer fighter. Based on thousands of studies, the book explains how tea works in the body to fight cancer and boost health. Offering the benefits of this delicious drink is a useful and thoughtful gift. 

    Learn how food fights cancer symptoms with this easy to follow cookbook. The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen, Second Edition, has been updated with new recipes and no-cook foods for low energy days. This award-winning cookbook is the perfect gift for cancer patients and their families. 

    Getting Things Off My Chest: A Survivor's Guide to Staying Fearless and Fabulous in the Face of Breast Cancer helps anyone diagnosed with breast cancer take charge of her life. Written by a breast cancer survivor, this award-winning book has information, checklists, and useful tips that help patients stay positive. Show her you care with this thoughtful and inspiring gift. 

    Give expert advice on nutrition with Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients. Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, a respected doctor and clinical assistant professor, guides patients through the best food and vitamin choices to create a strong nutritional plan. This powerful book teaches how to use fresh foods for better health and healing. 

    The book 90 Days to Live: Beating Cancer When Modern Medicine Offers No Hope is a real-life story, written by a survivor and his wife. This couple beat the odds after receiving his terminal diagnosis. This committed team raised a family, built a business, and beat his cancer while using a 100% natural cure. This heart-warming story is a gift that offers inspiration and victory. 

    How to Starve Cancer is part life-story and part guide to the best nutrition for cancer patients. Author Jane McLelland has created a plan to create a personal, cancer-starving diet. By using the right foods and supplements, Jane beat her terminal cancer. In this powerful story, she explains all the steps needed to be a survivor. A true gift of hope!

    In his book, Chris Beat Cancer, author Chris Wark describes how he used a toxin-free diet and lifestyle to win his cancer fight. Instead of chemotherapy, Chris made radical changes that created a life of wellness. An emotional and powerful gift that guides the reader through the changes needed for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. 

    This New York Times Best Seller is a powerful guide to the lifestyle changes that help fight and prevent cancer. In Anticancer: A New Way of Life, author Dr. David Servan-Schreiber describes his journey from being diagnosed with brain cancer to living a healthy life. This important book shows how to combine science and diet for a life of balance and healing. 

    Give the gift of hope with this inspirational story of natural healing. N of 1: One Man's Harvard-Documented Remission of Incurable Cancer Using Only Natural Methods, is a powerful book. Before there was a medical cure for his disease, the author researched and used the best natural ways to heal himself. Scientifically documented, this book is a valuable resource for any cancer patient. 

    Having a child with cancer is a very emotional experience for parents. Offer comfort by sharing this beautiful story. Written by her father, Shane Meader, the book Curing Coral: A Journey Through Childhood Cancer is a moving story of this family's journey. Some of the proceeds from this book are donated to childhood cancer treatment and research. 

    The Truth about Cancer is an informative gift that explains everything about this disease. Learn what really causes cancer and the many unconventional treatments that work to fight it. True stories of successful healing fill this book and provide all the information needed on alternative treatments and true health. This book is a special gift that offers knowledge and hope.

    Why do some people survive cancer, even when they have a terminal diagnosis? Radical Remission answers that question by explaining the nine things that survivors have in common. Based on thousands of cases, this book looks at what changes are needed in life to beat the odds and be a survivor. Give the gift of comfort and hope to someone close to you. 

    Give her the gift of laughter with the book Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips. This book is the story of Kris Carr, a remarkable woman who beat cancer with humor and love. Kris offers advice, information, and has filled her book with resources for every woman fighting cancer. Give a gift that will touch her heart and let her know she is not alone. 

    Man with terminal cancer

    Gift Ideas for Terminal Cancer Patients

    Let's just say it, choosing a gift for a terminal cancer patient is hard.

    When you want to show support in this situation, not every gift is the right one.  A gift you have personally selected from this list offers quality, caring, and shows your love.  Everyone wants to give a gift that will be cherished. Giving the perfect gift means everything when you are choosing your special message.

    Picking a gift that is heartfelt, useful, and will bring comfort is easy with this handy guide.  Many products on this list show faith in God's healing power and offer support with His Word. Others are practical, useful, and still show your personal touch. These gifts are perfect choices for cancer patients because every single one has their physical and emotional health in mind.  

    Each one will be a joy to give and a favorite treasure to receive. You can lift up your loved one in faith with a gift that includes a scripture verse, help them record and share their memories, or offer a gift that warms their hearts and bodies. Help strengthen both patients and families with gifts that organize, inspire, and encourage.  Each one of these special gifts shows a cancer patient that they are loved. These products are designed with inspiration, caring, and style. No matter which you choose, you will find the perfect gift for any cancer patient here.

    This Healing Cross offers comfort to cancer patients whenever they need a reminder that God is with them.  The Bible verse speaks of God's care and help as the Great Healer. The cross is the perfect size to hold in their hands when they pray or during cancer treatments.  Choose from many different colors or a wood grain style as a thoughtful, personal gift. The Healing Cross comes in a stylish velvet bag with a gift box for giving.

     Everything Happens for a Reason by Kate Bowler is a New York Times Bestseller and one of the best books about having faith during a difficult time.  The author writes about her journey with cancer and shows the reader that they are not alone. Readers will find comfort in her grace and confidence while having a terminal illness.  Available on Kindle, in hardcover, softcover, and as an audiobook, the message can be shared with anyone who needs love and support.

    The Forever Legacy Book: A Family Wisdom and Memory Journal helps organize your visits with a loved one and capture all their special memories.  This is an easy to use, step-by-step guide to talking about your loved one's life. The journal offers questions and topics to guide your loved one through their memories.  Begin conversations and use this journal as a delightful way to record stories and wisdom. Included is help choosing photos that show their life stories.  

    This planner is a simple guide for those who want to organize their wishes and personal information.  When cancer has made life a mess, the When I'm Gone Planner offers control. Use this guide to record financial, business, and property details.  Filling in the information helps families prepare for the funeral and other arrangements. Give the gift of peace and show your loved one that their wishes are known.  The planner also offers space to write goodbyes and final words.

    Family memories are priceless.  A digital picture frames is an easy way to share those memories. They can be moved anywhere so pictures can be viewed from a chair or bed.  Over 65,000 photos can be downloaded and stored, then viewed without an internet connection.  Touch screen controls make it easy for anyone in the family to use. Sharing a lifetime of memories in pictures is an unforgettable gift that comforts, delights, and spreads love.

    Give this beautiful Angel Willow Tree Figure to show a cancer patient that you are praying for them.  The incredibly detailed, hand-painted carving and the enclosed message of "May you find strength, beauty, and peace each day" represent your love and caring.  The angel praying gives comfort to anyone who needs your prayers. Different poses are available to remember special memories. This heartfelt gift is boxed and ready to give as a reminder of God's presence in their lives. 

    Wrapped in this warm blanket, every cancer patient will see and feel God's love with the positive message displayed.  This blanket sends God's promise of healing for even the coldest and darkest of days. The softness and comfort of this gorgeous blanket is a luxury that can be used every day.  Easy to wash and long lasting, the Scripture Throw Blanket will be used for years to come. Share God's powerful message by giving the gift of this incredible blanket.

    The Echo Dot is the smart speaker to help a loved one and their family.  Just by talking out loud, anyone can listen to music, make phone calls, and set alarms to remember medication times and appointments.  When paired with compatible devices, the Echo Dot even turns on and off lights. Show support for the entire family by giving simple access to life's pleasures and easy organization. The Echo Dot is a precious gift that makes life easier during illness.  

    You will give comfort, kindness, and love with the gift of this blissful blanket.  Bliss is right in the name! The UGG Bliss Sherpa Throw is perfect for a bed, a chair, or anyplace someone wants to stay warm.  This over-sized throw surrounds a person with softness and warmth. Fully reversible, this throw looks gorgeous no matter where it's used.  Because it's 100% polyester, it's simple to keep clean. Your thoughtful gift will be used again and again.

    Feeling cold is a common problem for cancer patients.  Giving these UGG Cozy Socks is a useful and beautiful gift.  The soft feel, pretty colors, and shimmering look will brighten her day and remind her that she is special to you.  The set of three pairs is gift boxed and ready to give. Your kindness shows with this practical yet elegant gift. The quality means these socks will be worn often.