Preparing Meals for Cancer Patients – What to Know

Preparing Meals for Cancer Patients

A Critical First Step Before even starting to prepare your first meal, the most commonly overlooked advice is sanitation. Cleanliness is absolutely critical when it comes to cancer patients because of how the immune system is affected by treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. Start your meal preparation by completely sanitizing your utensils, dishes, and … Read more

What Does Stage 4 Cancer Mean?

What Does Stage 4 Cancer Mean

Understanding the 4 stages of cancer: To truly understand what a stage 4 patient is going through, it’s important to understand the 4 stages of cancer. Here’s a short overview of what each stage means: Stage 1 – The cancer is small and contained where it started. Stage 2 – The cancer tumor is larger, and could … Read more

Humorous Words of Encouragement for Cancer Patients


Humorous Words Of Encouragement For Cancer Patients – Inspire with Humor Here are some humorous yet inspiring words of encouragement that you can use in different situations to both encourage and inspire the cancer patient, while still adding a bit of humor. Some of these aren’t for everyone but you’ll find at least one that … Read more

10 Things Cancer Patients Secretly Wish You Would Stop Saying

things to not say to cancer patients

#1 – “Let me know if you need anything.” This might seem like a general thing to say, but that’s just it. It is general. It doesn’t mean much to someone with cancer and leaves things open-ended and almost empty feeling. How is a cancer patient supposed to respond to that? What if they indeed … Read more