How to Motivate a Cancer Patient – 5 Tips to Help your Loved One

how to motivate a cancer patient

According to the American Cancer Society, cancer will strike one out of every three women and one out of every two men at some point in their life. These numbers are continuing to climb. Dare we say it’s the epidemic of the twenty-first century? We are desperately searching for a cure as a society, and … Read more

Gift Ideas for Someone in the Hospital with Cancer – Our Top 10 Ideas

Gift Ideas for Someone in the Hospital with Cancer

Are you planning to visit a friend or a loved one with cancer but don’t know what to take with you? This happens to everyone so don’t worry. We have listed the best gift ideas for someone in the hospital with cancer. Usually, flowers and chocolates are a person’s first choice when visiting someone who … Read more

3 Sample Letter of Encouragement to a Cancer Patient

sample letter of encouragement to a cancer patient

When someone you know is diagnosed with cancer or receiving treatments, you may have this strong feeling to step in, show your concerns, and express your support. You may also want to encourage her in hopes that she never gives up and continues fighting. However, words don’t come easy for many of us, especially when … Read more

3 Signs Your Friend With Cancer Needs Help

Signs your Friend With Cancer Needs Help

When your friend is diagnosed with cancer, you will be needed now more than ever. Research from Psychology Today suggests that cancer patients who receive strong support from friends can experience less pain and have more effective results from their treatments and medications. Today, cancer patients need not stay in a hospital setting. They will … Read more