Breast Cancer Gifts for Sisters – Our Best 5 Ideas

Learning about a loved one’s cancer diagnosis can be a pretty hard blow to take, much more if it’s your sister.

This is someone you grew up with and someone you know very well. So it’s understandable that you’d want to do everything you can to make it somehow easier for her… that you’d want her to know that you are there for her. One way you can do this is through thoughtful gifts that can help her through her journey.

But what should you give? How can you show your love and support and at the same time lift her spirits? To help you, here are some of the best breast cancer gifts for sisters.

5 Breast Cancer Gifts for Sisters

Care package

You can give your sister some of the things she will be needing for chemotherapy. These things are practical, useful, and can make her life a little easier in beating cancer or at least more bearable.

  • Tote Bag: Since your sister will be moving from one room to another, she’ll need a bag that she can easily take with her. A tote bag is a great choice as it’s big enough to hold
  • Port-Accessible Shirt: When your sister is going for her treatments, consider giving her a port-accessible shirt. These clothes are stylish, comfortable, and designed to be used with a tunneled venous catheter, a central line, and implanted port devices. If you need help looking for one, here’s a good dual chest port access shirt from Care+Wear on Amazon.
  • Hand Sanitizer: One side effect of chemotherapy is a weakened immune system. Thus, your sister and caregiver will need extra precaution in keeping their hands clean to fight off germs. According to the CDC, an alcohol-based sanitizer is acceptable when water and soap are not available. Also, consider buying her a sanitizer with aloe vera to prevent her hands from drying.
  • Hypoallergenic Face and Body Lotion: Chemotherapy can cause your sister’s skin to dry, itch, peel, and turn to red. You can help soothe this with a hypoallergenic face and body lotion from The Honest Company.
  • Lip Balm: Chemotherapy and radiation can also result in dry lips. So consider giving your sister a lip balm that is gentle enough but effective in protecting the skin.
  • Tissues: Chemotherapy can make your sister’s nose drip. So a pack of tissues will be handy.
  • Just for laughs

    The idea for these items is to make your sister smile or laugh.

  • Funny Tumblers
  • Boob Necklace
  • Boob Earrings
  • Dammit Doll: Your sister can drop this doll on the floor, poke it with needles, and slam it on the wall. It’s durable and designed to take hard hits. It also has a message about cancer sewn on the front. Plus, 50% of the profit made from it goes to programs for cancer treatments.
  • Inspirational items

  • Empathy or Greeting Card: If you just don’t know what to say, there are cards out there that can mirror what you are feeling. You can check out Emily McDowell & Friends for this.
  • Jewelry: A bracelet, necklace, or any type of jewelry with an inspirational message is a great reminder to always keep fighting. She can wear it every day and take it with her during treatments. You can also use it as a symbol that you’re always there for her even when you’re out of sight.
  • For distractions

    Things that can keep your sister busy during chemo are great gifts.

  • Adult Coloring Book: Coloring can take your sister’s mind off on things and it can help her relax too. If you don’t want to give her an ordinary coloring book, there are a lot of funnier ones out there. Here’s one from the “Totally Inappropriate Series” adult coloring book.
  • Journal: A journal is one of the best gifts you can give your sister. She can use it to write what she’s feeling and what she’s going through. She can also use it to write her appointments. Moreover, writing and journaling can help your sister feel better according to
  • Magazines or Books: You don’t have to give her new ones. Just give her stories or topics that she’s interested in. For books, please avoid sad stories and cancer stories.
  • Cards: If your sister fancies playing cards of any type, feel free to give her some. These activities can keep her occupied at treatment, especially when things are taking longer than usual.
  • For comfort

  • Fuzzy Socks: Make your sister’s feet feel comfortable with a pair of quality fuzzy socks. If you’re looking for one with an attitude, here are socks that say: “Fuck Cancer”.
  • Pajamas: Button-up pajamas are the best clothes to wear for someone who has just got surgery. It is easy to put on and off. If you give her the satin type, she can easily slide in and out of bed since it’s such a smooth material. Plus, it’ll feel great against the skin too.
  • Fuzzy Blanket: A fuzzy blanket is not only a great item to have during treatment but it can also be used at home.
  • Non-material Gifts You Can Give to Your Sister

    Other than the gifts listed here, you can also offer your time. For someone who is going through breast cancer, you can lighten up the load by offering practical and much-needed help around her home.

    You can offer to cook and prepare a healthy meal for her, clean the house, and run errands. You can also babysit her kids, drive for her, attend a doctor’s visit with her, or just spend a couple of hours hanging out or watching a movie. These non-material gifts are precious and thoughtful which your sister will surely appreciate.

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