Funny Books for Cancer Patients – 9 Books Sure To Get a Laugh

best funny books for cancer patients

Have you ever heard the quote, “Laughter is the best medicine?”.  This is true even in cancer patients, and studies have shown that laughter can not only relieve stress and anxiety but also boost the immune system of cancer patients. Just like any other person, cancer patients need laughter, many times even more than us. … Read more

10 Things Cancer Patients Secretly Wish You Would Stop Saying

things to not say to cancer patients

Cancer happens. In fact, it happens to over 38% of the world’s population.  Almost every adult in the world has had a family member or friend who has dealt with cancer. You might be surprised by some of the things people say to cancer patients, but indeed the wrong things get said every day. If you want … Read more

Books For Cancer Patients

best books for cancer patients

The gift of a good book provides comfort, inspiration, and support.  The gift of a good book provides comfort, inspiration, and support to a cancer patient. How do you choose the perfect book when there are so many for sale? This list has books written by doctors and cancer patients alike. Their personal stories offer … Read more